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Meet Prime Meridian Healthcare

An integrative health technology company dedicated to helping you reverse the course of chronic disease, reduce the need for prescription drugs, and extend and restore your quality of life. We leverage research, evidence-based medicine, technology, and proven protocols to change lives.


Nestled at the base of Mount Timpanogos, we operate a world-class, full-service family medicine clinic specializing in integrative preventative medicine. Our virtual clinic delivers evidence-based integrative healthcare focused on the reversal of lifestyle-related diseases.

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PowerME™ is a wholistic health technology platform that equips individuals, families, and tribes with personalized, simple and empowering health insights and interventions. These insights integrate with our virtual clinic to help individuals with metabolic disease reclaim their health and quality of life. 


Scientific discovery is one of our primary strategic initiatives at Prime Meridian™. We lead and also partner with leading academic institutions in clinical trials. With a focus on metabolic disease, our research areas include integrative clinical care pathways and natural products research, including the therapeutic and complimentary use of essential oils.