Meal Prepping.


You have most likely heard of it, but have you actually put it into practice? According to Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.” If you put these words into perspective with your eating habits, it teaches the necessity of making meal prep a part of your weekly routine.

Food is the primary fuel for your body. Like a well-oiled machine, your body needs good, reliable fuel to run properly. This includes eating clean, nourishing foods that will benefit your body in the right way. When you make an effort to prepare your meals in advance, you can avoid running into pitfalls like eating out, over-eating, and making poor nutritional choices.


Meal Prep Tips

Include Fruits.

You can mix many delicious fruits into your meal preps each week. Nature’s candy can be the sweet treat to complete your meal prep and make you excited for the next one!

Add Vegetables.

From squash and broccoli to carrots and eggplant, you can add many vegetables to your meals. It can be fun making time to find new ways to prepare vegetables so that you can bring a new twist to your dish.

Incorporate Whole Grains.

Adding in some rice or quinoa to a meal prep can help you get the heap of nutrients you need to stay strong and healthy!

Eat Less Meat.

While you definitely need meat for protein and minerals such as iron, meat intake should be in moderation. When choosing meat, try to find options like grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. You can also incorporate more beans and nuts to get different types of protein into your diet.

Avoid Including Foods With Added Sugar.

It can be surprising to see how many foods nowadays have added sugar. For example, many sauces and yogurts are full of unnecessary added sugar. While you try your best to eat clean the majority of the time, it is okay to have the occasional treat.