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Have you ever wanted affordable healthcare for your employees at your company?

One Monthly Fee for all the Visits you Need

$99 / Per employee
  • Per employee with spouse $158
  • Per employee with family $198
  • Per employee with children $139
  • Improve the health of your employee and their family
  • Significantly reduce absenteeism
  • Increased Productivity
  • Telemedicine
  • Secure messaging
  • Online scheduling & medication refills
  • Fewer specialty referrals
  • Fewer hospitalizations
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Business Benefits


Improve Employees' Health

Healthy employees means happy employees! Making the work place a healthier, happier and uplifting environment.


Reduce Absenteeism

If employees are present at work, then progress is happening and businesses can run smoothly.


Satisfied Employees

A recent study shows that satisfied/happy employees are 20% more productive than non satisfied employees.


Increase Productivity

Want a successful business? Productive employees mean healthy employees (physically and emotionally) resulting in a growing business.

Do I still need health insurance?

Most of your health concerns can be addressed through your membership. However some services such as hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and specialty care are not covered by our plan. We recommend that all patients have sufficient health insurance to meet their needs outside the services offered by Prime Meridian Health Clinics™.

Will I still need to see specialists?

Many patients are sent to specialists simply because his or her primary care doctor does not have time to address the problem. Longer appointments in our model will help you avoid needing to see a specialist in many cases. However you will be referred to a specialist if needed, which will require a third party to cover those costs.

Are there any additional fees?

Your membership includes many services such as on-site labs (A1C, glucose, etc.), procedures, and telemedicine. For lab tests not offered in your clinic, you can choose to take advantage of our low third party cash prices. We have also negotiated cash prices for imaging in your area.

How do I pay for my membership?

Simply add a preferred credit card to your patient portal or present it at the clinic to begin paying. Your monthly membership charges will begin after your first appointment, and additional charges will be added at the time of the service.