St. George (UT)

Dr. Scott Noorda DO and Brandon Lewis FNP-C are providing a patient-centric healthcare experience, improving health outcomes, and reducing dependence on prescription medications in the heart of Utah’s finest red rock landscape.


Morningside Plaza

640 E 700 S

Suite 201

St. George, UT

(435) 627-3500

Opening hours:
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Peace of Mind

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Clinic Providers

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Clinic Services

This location offers the following services

Acute Care

Receive treatment for those untimely moments—stitches, headaches, or any other short-term medical needs.

Medication Reduction Strategy

Work closely with your doctor to appropriately reduce medication prescriptions.

24/7 Triage

We offer constant communication between you and your provider. Telemedicine and secure messaging allow you to access your doctor after operating hours when necessary.

Physical Examinations

Get a complete physical as part of your membership. Regular physical examinations can help assure that your health needs are fully taken care of.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Management / Wellness Management

Your lifestyle habits have a large impact on your health. Work closely with your doctor to create a wellness plan that will work best for you.

Functional Medicine

Medical research usually takes about 10-15 years to make it into the clinic, but Functional Medicine is all about utilizing the latest medical research and cutting-edge testing to get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction. Functional Medicine seeks to empower individuals and make health sustainable by implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes as the first line of defense, only using short-term medications as necessary.

Autoimmune & Chronic Conditions

We consolidate your disease management into one holistic perspective instead of referring you out to specialist after specialist. We treat people, not just symptoms--doing a deep dive into your health and pulling together all of the individual factors to find what is wrong and fix it.

Geriatric Medicine

Our team has extensive experience in Geriatric Medicine. We love working with Seniors to boost mental acuity and physical performance, minimize dependence on medications, and improve overall wellbeing.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Prevention and Treatment

Dr. Scott Noorda earned a bachelors degree in Neuroscience. He's spent years working with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients in memory care units, and has learned personally from Dr. Dale Bredesen, a pioneer in Alzheimer’s research. We are passionate about implementing Dr. Bredesen’s new ground-breaking protocol that has shown documented reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Performance Optimization

Brandon Lewis, NP-C specializes in high performance programs for athletes and competitors. We use genetic testing to build a personalized plan to optimize your nutrition and performance, giving you an edge that will take you to the next level.

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