Personal Health Coaching for Lasting Change

Are you ready to improve your health and feel your best? As part of your PPO+ benefits*, you are eligible for complimentary health coaching and nutrigenomic testing through Prime Meridian Healthcare.

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what will I get for participating?

What you get:

  • 7 sessions with a health coach, virtually or in-person 
  • A personalized action plan 
  • 12 weeks of tracking and education
  • Nutrigenomic testing
  • Other needed testing based on need
  • Accountability and progress tracking

what kind of testing is this?

What is Nutrigenomic Genetic Testing?

Prime Meridian’s nutrigenomic testing identifies your genes that affect your nutritional metabolism, diet, and exercise. Based on your unique genetics, we construct a report that provides details to improve your metabolic function. 

Your health coach uses your nutrigenomic test results, current fitness level, self-assessments, and personal goals to support you in adopting lifestyle habits to improve your overall health and fitness.

How to enroll

Follow these simple steps to begin today!

  1. Register for the health coaching program by calling Prime Meridian Healthcare to enroll: 385-440-1400.
  2. Schedule your introductory phone call with your health coach through PMH.
  3. Check your email for the next steps.
  4. Watch your snail mail. Your Nutrigenomic test will be mailed to you within 7 days of enrolling in the program.
  5. Register your Nutrigenomic kit online, complete the swab, and return in the enclosed envelope.
  6. Begin working with your health coach to create your personalized plan!

Limited spots are available

Call Prime Meridian to enroll!

*This program is complimentary for members of the PPO+ benefits plan. For all other doTERRA employees on a different health plan, or who do not have doTERRA benefits, you may participate in the health coaching program at the pro-rated cost of $300. Call Prime Meridian to learn more.

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*PLEASE NOTE  –  If you have experienced any of the following, you will need to receive a referral from a provider at Prime Meridian or your personal physician before enrolling in the program. Call Prime Meridian for any questions.

  • Recent hospitalization (within the last year)
  • Recent surgery (within the last year)
  • History of cardiac disease
  • History of hypertension (systolic > 140 or diastolic > 90)
  • History of cerebrovascular disease (stroke)
  • Exercised induced loss of consciousness or angina