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Our Clinics

We have clinics across the US and are always expanding our locations

A place to feel at home

We pride ourselves on offering a clinic experience that welcomes everyone

State of the art

The facilities across our clinics are second to none, we use only the best equipment

On-site pharmacy

Our clinics on site pharmacies offer the best value and save you time (where available)

Our Clinic Providers

We have clinics across the US and are always expanding our locations

Although all Prime Meridian Health Clinic providers are distinguished by their individual talents, personalized skill set, and unique background, each provider is:

  • Licensed, credentialed, and all of our physicians are board certified
  • Passionate about partnering with patients in providing life changing health care
  • Committed to fixing a broken healthcare system
  • Driven to provide treatments based on best patient outcomes not patient insurance coverage
  • Trained in proven complementary and integrative medicine solutions

Essential Oils & Holistic Research

Not only do we offer alternative healthcare, we are pushing the boundaries with extensive studies into the role that essential oils can play in delivering integrative care which seeks to provide improved healthcare globally.

Doctor Spotlight

Dr. David Hill, D.C.

Dr. David Hill, D.C.

For many years, Dr. David Hill has harnessed the benefits of essential oils in modern health practices.

He is well-known as an expert in essential oils and integrative medicine. Dr. Hill partners with physicians, scientists, and hospitals around the world, defining and establishing the medical integration and use of essential oils in modern health practices for individual use.

Dr. Russell Osguthorpe

Dr. Russell Osguthorpe

As Prime Meridian's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Osguthorpe is passionate about promoting an environment where patients are empowered and feel that the whole person is being treated and not just their symptoms.

For twenty years, Dr. Osguthorpe has been committed to providing patients high quality healthcare in a manner that is both compassionate and safe. He has established large multi-specialty practices in many disciplines and has a wealth of expertise in leading change. 

Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD

Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD

Dr. Brannick Riggs has over 15 years of medical experience and recently joined Prime Meridian as Vice President of Healthcare Initiatives and Chief Medical Director.

Dr. Riggs has served on doTERRA's medical advisory board for five years, making major contributions to doTERRA's research and education initiatives.