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comprehensive & integrative care for the whole family

Your loved ones, friends, and colleagues depend on you! Be there for them today and many years to come by giving yourself the gift of great health! At Prime Meridian Healthcare, we want to help you reclaim your health! Our board-certified providers work alongside you to support your goals and priorities. Show the people in your life that they matter because your health matters! Schedule a FREE health consultation for yourself or your loved one today.

You deserve it – Give yourself the gift of health today!

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Do you feel heard? We listen to you. And when it comes to your health, you have a say in your treatment. At Prime Meridian Healthcare, our board-certified physicians combine the best evidence-based methods, complementary therapies, and lifestyle approaches to find the treatment that works best for you.

As your healthcare team, we are with you to help you live better, live longer. 

Let us listen to you!

We’re here to listen to you

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Healthcare focused on health, not disease

There is more to good health than the absence of disease. Doctors too often treat symptoms rather than empowering you to cure the underlying condition. Cures take more energy and time than most patients and doctors can afford. However, we believe in cures through comprehensive primary care. 

We have bandaids for your bumps and bruises. But for complex care, we find the extra time and attention and make it affordable. 

At Prime Meridian, our goal is to help you:

  • Reverse the disease course
  • Reduce your need for prescription drugs, and 
  • Reclaim your quality of life!

Let us help you find a solution to better health!

Focus on your health, not disease

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Has traditional healthcare failed you or someone you love?

When you or your loved one is sick, you want access to the best care and the best solutions. However, insurance reimbursements heavily influence the time a physician may be able to spend with you or which treatments are offered. Sadly, the financial incentives don’t always align with your needs. This may leave you feeling frustrated. 

At Prime Meridian, we don’t work for insurance; we put insurance to work for you! We align our interests with yours. Studies show that investing in primary care saves lives, extends life, and reduces healthcare costs. 

Our incentive is to help you get well and stay well!

Our incentive is to help you get well, and stay well! 

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More visits, transparent costs, better care

Today’s healthcare environment is complicated. Providers may overcharge for services, knowing that insurance companies will pay much less. This system is confusing and expensive, with or without insurance. Often people don’t seek needed services due to high prices and lack of transparency. 

At Prime Meridian, what you see is what you get!  With or without insurance, our services are fair and transparent because we believe that every person should have access to life-changing healthcare. Better yet, our transparent pricing allows you to spend quality time with your providers to receive the proactive and personalized care you need and deserve. 

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More Visits, Transparent Costs, Better Care

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