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What is metabolic health?

At Prime Meridian Healthcare (PMH) we have a strong emphasis on metabolic health because it is the single greatest factor in how long and how well you live.

Metabolism refers to the cellular mechanisms that regulate how we generate energy from the food we eat and use it to power every cell and activity that occurs within our body.

Because every cell and every action that occurs within our body requires some source of fuel, metabolic health is truly the foundation of all health and well-being.

Your metabolic health is the primary factor in your risk for developing many chronic diseases, your daily energy levels, ability to manage weight, athletic and cognitive performance, mental health, and ultimately your healthspan.

Healthspan is the period of life lived in health.

While “health” means something different to everybody, healthspan generally describes the period of life free from chronic disease. At PMH, we believe that healthspan encompasses more than simply the absence of disease, but the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. In other words, healthspan is a measurement of quality of life, not quantity of life. Evidence suggests that the most accurate way to predict an individual’s healthspan is by assessing the combination of their vitality score and heart-fit score. These metabolic health markers are simple to evaluate and improve, if you are willing to put in the work to make healthy lifestyle change. Prime Meridian Healthcare is here to help.

PMH’s vitality score is based on a scientifically-validated measurement of metabolic disease severity.

The vitality score takes into account systolic blood pressure, triglycerides, HDL (good) cholesterol, BMI, and fasting blood sugar to determine your current level of metabolic health (on a scale of 1 to 10). Knowing your vitality score gives you an accurate assessment of where you are and provides a baseline to assess your progress as you make healthy lifestyle change. As your vitality score improves, so do your chances to increase how long and how well you live.

Your Heart-Fit Score (or Vo2max) assesses your heart, lungs, and muscles’ ability to work together to exercise for a specific period.

While this would seem to be an assessment only for competitive athletes, research has shown that your Heart-Fit Score may be the single best predictor of lifespan and healthspan. At PMH we can accurately assess your Heart-Fit Score with our state-of-the-art treadmill, but if you aren’t able to make it to our facility you can estimate yours with a smartwatch and the desire to walk as fast as you can for a mile.

Measuring Your Heart-Fit Score™ (VO2 max)

The Rockport Walk Test

  • Map out a one-mile route and then walk (not run) exactly one mile as quickly as you can.
  • Measure your heart rate by using a smartwatch with a wrist optical sensor, a pulse oximeter device, OR
    by counting your wrist pulse immediately when stop walking.
  • Record your mile time & heart rate.
  • Use an online VO2 max calculator to determine your result.
  • Your VO2 max can be improved as you make lifestyle changes.
    Smart Watch / Wearable Device
  • More smartwatches are including an optical sensor to track your heart rate, sleep, and even VO2max
  • Begin an activity on your device for at least 15 minutes for your VO2 max to be recorded. Some devices
    require 2-3 activities to be recorded before giving a true VO2 max reading.

The McCardle Step Test

  • This test is generally used for those with some general level of fitness and is performed on a treadmill
    or stationary bike. Call Prime Meridian for more information about having your Heart-Fit Score tested
    at our facility.

Your healthspan is the number of years that you live, free from serious health problems. While minor illness are an annoyance, it is serious health conditions that can take away from the enjoyment of life. At PowerME we are dedicated to helping you add years to your healthspan and lifespan.

There are many factors that can affect healthspan. Two of the most important are your metabolic health and your aerobic fitness. We can evaluate your metabolic health using the PowerME Vitality Score, while aerobic fitness can be assessed with the PowerME Heart Fit Score.

1.    What is the PowerME Vitality Score?

The PowerME Vitality Score is a scientifically validated measurement that estimates metabolic health status. It is one of the two important measures we use when look to improve healthspan and longevity.

2.    Why is my Vitality Score Important?

What you do today will influence your healthspan and lifespan in the years to come. So, knowing your Vitality Score will give you insights into your current state of metabolic health and provide a metric that you can monitor as you make lifestyle changes for optimizing your healthspan.

3.    How do I calculate my Vitality Score?

On our website we have the information you need to calculate your Vitality Score—see the QR code at the bottom of this brochure.

4.    How can I improve my Vitality Score

Even people with a low Vitality Score are often able to dramatically improve their numbers with the right approach.  At PowerME we focus on the main lifestyle factors that influence metabolic health—nutrition, activity, stress, sleep, personal connections, and supplements. As an integrated platform, PowerME uses complementary health options to help you achieve your health goals.

One of the best measures of overall fitness is your Heart-Fit Score. Along with your Vitality Score, your Heart-Fit Score is a prime predictor of healthspan and lifespan. Let’s take a look closer at how you can become more Heart-Fit.

1.    What is the PowerME Heart-Fit Score?

The PowerME Heart-Fit Score is also known as V02 max and is used to assess your heart, lungs, and muscles’ ability to work together to exercise for a specific period. Your body needs oxygen for aerobic fitness and your HF Score is your body’s maximal capacity to use oxygen. The more Heart-Fit you are, the more oxygen you can use.

2.    Why is my Heart-Fit Score Important?

There isn’t a better measure for longevity than Heart-Fitness. Even small improvements can have dramatic effects. People who are able to increase their Heart-Fit Score from the lowest 10% to the 30% level improve their longevity by threefold. People with the highest scores have a 5 X reduction in risk for premature death.

3.    How do I calculate my Vitality Score?

Some smartwatches are able to provide you with your Heart-Fit Score—you will see it as your VO2 Max. We also have the information on our website that will help you calculate your HF Score—see the QR code at the bottom of this brochure.

4.    How can I improve my Vitality Score

Our answer won’t surprise you. The way to improve your Heart-Fit Score is through regular exercise. The good news is that almost any kind of exercise will help. We are particularly excited about what is called Zone 2 Training for both Heart Fitness and overall health. Training in Zone 2 is the equivalent of brisk walking and has a very positive effect on metabolic health. Both aerobic and resistance training can also help to improve your Heart-Fit Score.

5.    Could improving my Heart-Fit Score increase my Healthspan

Yes! We can’t say enough about building a healthy Heart-Fit Score. Why? Because once we reach adulthood, our maximum Heart-Fit Score begins to decrease—and the decline accelerates in middle age. It’s important to improve your Heart-Fit Score and build a reserve so that you continue to enjoy a high quality of life in the decades to come.


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