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  • More time with your provider (30 min+ appointments)
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  • Same day access to healthcare providers
  • Wellness-focused preventative approach
  • Secure messaging
  • No co-pays. No insurance billing. No hidden costs.
  • Low prices on labs and diagnostic testing

Prime Meridian is perfect for me.

Before joining Prime Meridian Health Clinics™, I had just accepted that healthcare meant waiting 2 hours to spend 5 minutes with a doctor I’ve never met followed by the frustration of dealing with my health insurance company to pay the bill that I didn’t understand. Now my family and I can see our doctor whenever we need for a fraction of what we used to pay. I feel like I have found the promised land.

- Rachel

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Our lives have positively changed!

Prime Meridian has changed everything for my wife and I. Knowing that we have a healthcare provider who we can trust and who cares about us has made such a big difference. Plus not having to worry about insurance costs or co-pays has helped us financially to be able to afford healthcare for the first time! We couldn't be happier.

-Zak and Cassie

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Prime Meridian really does care for my family.

Since joining Prime Meridian, whenever one of my children are sick I don't stress. I know that I have a place where my family can go and be treated when they are sick. My physician has become more than a physician but a family friend who my family can trust.

-The Smith Family

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The key benefits for members

More than just healthcare

30 minutes per appointment


Scheduled appointments

Access online records

Secure messaging

View test results

Low prices on labs, vaccines and selected medicines

Billing and Pricing Questions

Do you have more questions?
Do I still need health insurance?

Most of your health concerns can be addressed through your membership. However some services such as hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and specialty care are not covered by our plan. We recommend that all patients have sufficient health insurance to meet their needs outside the services offered by Prime Meridian Health Clinics™.

Are there any additional fees?

Your membership includes many services such as on-site labs (A1C, glucose, etc.), procedures, and telemedicine. For lab tests not offered in your clinic, you can choose to take advantage of our low third party cash prices. We have also negotiated cash prices for imaging in your area.

How do I pay for my membership?

Simply add a preferred credit card to your patient portal or present it at the clinic to begin paying. Your monthly membership charges will begin after your first appointment, and additional charges will be added at the time of the service.

What kind of medical providers will staff the clinics?

Medical providers in the clinics will be licensed MDs, DOs, and other healthcare practitioners. We greatly value the doctor-patient relationship and only hire the highest quality doctors to take care of our patients. Our medical staff is experienced in both modern western medicine as well as integrative approaches such as essential oil treatment.

How much is the copay per visit?

Your monthly Prime Meridian membership charge covers the cost of all office visits, telemedicine visits, sick visits, and well visits at our clinics. A co-payment or “copay” is a fixed amount set by an insurance company and since we do not accept health insurance, you will never be charged a copay.

How do I know if you accept my health insurance?

We do not accept or bill your health insurance. Insurance companies set limits and dictate coverage policy based on controlling costs and financial models. When you join a Prime Meridian Clinic, any wellness plans or treatment options concerning your health will be based on decisions you make in partnership with your provider.

Is there a charge for canceling my membership?

We understand that life doesn’t always go as expected. People move. Plans change. When our patients are in these situations, we do not currently charge a cancellation fee. After your membership is canceled, your position will be filled by the individual/family at the top of our waiting list (if the clinic panel is full). If/when you would like to restore your membership, a $129 re-activation fee will be assessed. If the clinic panel is full, you will be placed on the waiting list and notified when a position is available and the re-activation fee will be assessed at that time.

Can I get a discount if I pay a year in advance?

Yes. You will save 10% when you pay in advance for an entire year’s membership.

What if I'm on Medicare?

You are welcome to become a member and we would love to take care of your primary care needs. We will never accept payment from or bill any insurance, including Medicare.

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