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Have you ever...

Have you ever thought about the foods you put into your body? How do the foods you eat make you feel: physically, mentally, emotionally?

Do you ever...

Do you find yourself rummaging through kitchen cupboards for a quick snack when you’re in a hurry, stressed out, or bored?

Eating is a part of life


When, why, and what you're eating matters

Because eating is a necessary part of life, what you eat can impact your physical performance, mental health, and even disease symptoms, like diabetes and high blood pressure.  This is why it’s important to recognize when and why you eat, and what foods are best to fuel your body.


Welcome to Mindful Eating!

At Prime Meridian Healthcare™, we call this Mindful Eating: one of the four principles we focus on in our Advanced Preventative Care program to help reverse chronic disease, reduce the need for prescription drugs, and help you to reclaim your health and quality of life!

The Mindful Minute Blog: Mindful Eating

Want more tips on Mindful Eating, including quick, healthy recipes?

Glazed Pecan Sweet Potato Rounds

Glazed Pecan Sweet Potato Rounds

Glazed Pecan Sweet Potato RoundsServings: 14–18Ready In: 40 MinutesCalories: 84Good For: SideAbout this RecipeMix up your sweet potato dish this holiday season with these glazed pecan sweet potato rounds! Made with just five simple ingredients, these sweet potatoes...

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

Homemade GranolaServings: 5Ready In: 40 MinsCalories: 338Good For: SnackAbout this RecipeMade with a handful of simple ingredients, this homemade granola is great for a midday snack or as a pick-me-up during a long day at work. Not only is this granola a great source...

From recipes to nutrition education to health coaching, we’re here to help you become more aware of your eating behaviors to develop a positive relationship with food once and for all!

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