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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the “My Data” tile start showing my steps, weight, and Heart-Fit Score, along with my product tracking?

Once you have synced your health cloud in settings, your health data will begin to show starting the same day. We are working on getting past data to populate in the near future.

Where do I send my ideas and feedback about the PowerME platform?

You will be asked to complete feedback surveys within the PowerME app in the “Today” tile. You can also drop us an email at

Can I track additional doTERRA products (other than MetaPWR and LLV)?

During the 30-day focus group we are asking that you track your MetaPWR and LLV product use. We are already developing the ability for you to customize/personalize your product tracker.

Can I invite others to join the focus group and use the PowerME platform?

Although our initial focus group is exclusive to you and a handful of others, we do have plans to expand the number of users over the next several months leading up to our 2023 doTERRA Convention. Feel free to share data and product tracking you are collecting with others.

Do you have plans to expand the menu of test kits available in the “PowerME Diagnostics” tile?

Absolutely! We have already developed other tests and are exploring several new diagnostic options including hormone testing, CGM (continuous glucose monitors), and additional genetic reports.

Can I enroll new Wellness Advocates within the PowerME app?

No. PowerME was designed for you to track and share your health & wellness journey outcomes and product experience with others. doTERRA has already developed a tool for enrollments.

Do I get commissions and LRP points if I purchase additional Vitality Test Kits or Nutrigenomic Test Kits?

doTERRA is considering a variety of ways to provide financial incentives.