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The Easiest Way to Share the Impact of MetaPWR

If you’ve used the MetaPWR System, you already know how powerful these products are. And we know you want an easy way to share this power with others.

The problem is, you don’t currently have a simple way to track and collect data about your MetaPWR results. Perhaps you’ve thought about creating one, but that’s a time-consuming, possibly complicated, and overwhelming process, so it keeps getting put off. 

We believe you should have the tools you need to share the MetaPWR System and its transformational results with others. We understand you have a lot on your plate, which is why we created something to make sharing easier for you! The PowerME wellness tech platform. 

The powerme focus group

Are you interested in participating?

We’re currently testing this platform in hopes of making it a viable option for sharing your MetaPWR results in the future.

For now, we’ll have a limited number of people who will join us and help us test the platform. Members of this group will commit to participating in discussion groups and completing surveys to offer feedback about the PowerME platform. Those who are chosen to participate will receive a FREE powerME Vitality report, and, if not already completed, a Nutrigenomic DNA report to help produce a well-rounded tracking experience.

If chosen to participate in the PowerME focus group, you’ll be able to track the MetaPWR products you’re taking and fill out check-ins along the way. PowerME will then provide you with personalized reports so that you can share your results easily and effectively! 

If you’d like to be considered for our focus group and be the first to experience PowerME, click below to apply.