What is Integrative Medicine?

Prime Meridian is a Revolution in Integrative Health


What exactly is integrative health?

Integrative health combines modern conventional medicine with complementary therapies for a holistic approach to healing disease and promoting long-term health and wellness. Integrative health is not focused solely on treating disease, but getting at the core of dysfunctional health to prevent it by focusing on developing a healthy lifestyle, increasing emphasis on mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of health, and increasing coordination between multiple providers and institutions to treat the patient as a whole person as opposed to a series of isolated body systems.


You will immediately notice many unique things about your experience with Prime Meridian Healthcare:

Parternship With Your Doctor

Your provider treating you like a partner in the healing and long-term health process; being inquisitive, getting to know you and your unique health concerns.

Promotion of Lifestyle Development

Focus on lifestyle development to promote the health of the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

Full Support Care Team

Your medical provider working in conjunction with other specialists – including health coaches, dieticians, chiropractors, psychological health professionals, etc. – to promote holistic health.

Opportunity for Natural Solutions

Providers offering alternative interventions that may be natural and less invasive.

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