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Our Prime Meridian Healthcare Clinic offers comprehensive primary care for the whole family.


Need healthcare coverage?

Whether you are insured or not, we believe everyone deserves access to life-changing healthcare.

Have insurance? We’ve got you covered!

Don’t have insurance? We’ve still got you covered!


Acute Care – We bill your insurance and collect a co-pay for acute care

Preventative Care – Paid for by your health insurance or employer! 

If you have insurance and qualify for our preventative Physician-Guided Coaching Program, there is no cost to you! 


$100 acute care visit fee

Easy, affordable, no hidden fees!

*X-rays included

*Additional Labs and equipment fees will be assessed up-front



Zion Health Paired Offering: $240/year access fee

+Zion reduced membership fee

+2 FREE visits to Prime Meridian Clinic

* Zion Healthshare is an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance 

Additional Services

These services are offered in addition to your $20/month membership fee


$75 – Battle Field Acupuncture  –  30 Minutes


$75 – Physical Therapy  –  30 Minutes


$60 – Registered Dietitian  –  30 Minutes


TBD – Labs, Procedures, Injections


Physician-Guided Coaching Program

Did you know Primary Care doctors can handle the majority of your healthcare needs?

From offering traditional acute care like performing standard physicals, refilling prescriptions, conducting x-rays, treating infections, chronic disease management, and minor procedures like stitches, toenail removal, and more, we are here to take care of you when you’re sick. But we don’t stop there. Our focus on prevention is key in helping you get well and stay well.

Our focus on prevention sets us apart 

Advanced Preventative Care

Changing your health status is possible. Your personal care team will work with you to discover the underlying causes of your condition and create a customized care plan to empower you with the tools needed for lifelong sustainable change.

Reclaim your health

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, or other conditions related to metabolic disease, we offer our Advanced Preventative Care program, guided by our licensed medical providers to help you reverse the course of your chronic disease, reduce your need for prescription medications, and to reclaim your health and quality of life! 

Affordable access

The best news of all is that it’s covered by your insurance or employer* with the only cost to you being your time and effort!

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