The Key to

Preventative Care

Prevention begins any day, so why not begin today with PowerME™!
You don’t need to wait until Monday to make lifestyle changes, you can begin today! And one of the simplest ways to begin is with a clear picture of your current health and opportunities to improve it.   Prevention and PowerME™ go hand in hand as they work together to provide you with insight about your health. 

Through simple, at-home tests to analyze your DNA, basic labs, vital signs, and lifestyle behaviors, PowerME™ provides you with personalized and empowering health insights and interventions. These individualized results guide you to make informed health decisions to reverse your risk for developing chronic disease, reduce your need for prescription drugs, and reclaim your health and quality of life!

Download the PowerME™ app from your smart device today! Order, track, consult, collaborate, and improve!