Tips for Organization

When your to-do list or surroundings are unorganized, your brain demands more energy because it’s dealing with a fragmented mindset, jumping from one thing to the next with no clear direction or organization. Being organized helps build a sense of control.

Here are three healthy tips to help you get organized:

Set Healthy Limits


Dedicate time each morning to prioritize and limit how much effort you can put into each to-do item on your daily list. You should also make sure your list consumes a reasonable amount of your day, while still taking time for yourself and your family.

Find good organizational projects

Determine where there’s clutter in your life. Your email inbox? Junk drawer? Filing cabinets? Garage? Pick one project or even part of one project for a given day. For example, if you need to organize the garage, pick one wall, one shelf, or one pile to work through. This can empower you rather than overwhelm you.

Go paperless or find a better organizational solution for paper

A lot of the clutter in life comes from paper. There are numerous smartphone apps you can use to scan documents and receipts to go paperless. If there are papers that are important for you to keep, keep them in a filing cabinet or a specific place that can easily be found.

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