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Advanced Preventative Care

A major health crisis

70% of American adults are at risk for metabolic disease, a chronic condition that involves high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol, and being overweight. If you have one or more of these risk factors, you are not alone.

The good news is…

metabolic disease is reversible!

Our Physician-Guided Coaching Program will help you:

  • REVERSE your course of chronic disease
  • REDUCE your need for prescription drugs, and 
  • RECLAIM your health and quality of life!

All paid for by your employer or health plan!*

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Reversing your lifestyle disease requires changing your lifestyle

You don’t have to do it alone!

Our Physician-Guided Coaching Program through Prime Meridian™ health clinics provides you with your own team of board-certified physicians and specialists who work together to help you implement important lifestyle changes. 

Through the use of integrative modalities, insightful diagnostics, and proprietary technologies, you and your team gain a clear picture of your current health and opportunities for improvement. 

It Begins With Mindfulness

We don’t focus on diet and weight loss, but on a holistic approach to health through our care protocols that are centered around the Core 4. The Core 4 encompasses four key areas of health: 

  • Mindful Living
  • Mindful Relationships
  • Mindful Movement
  • Mindful Eating

Best of all, our Physician-Guided Coaching Program is paid for by your employer or health plan!*

Don’t be a statistic. Prevention starts today!

If you or someone you know struggles with metabolic disease, we’re here to help you!


Obesity is associated with the leading causes of death in the United States and worldwide, but it doesn’t have to be that way!


1 in 5 people in the U.S. don’t know they have diabetes. Know your risk!


High blood pressure doesn’t always have obvious symptoms, but the damage it does is clear.


1 in 3 American adults are affected by high fat levels in the blood, a common condition that is preventable with lifestyle changes.

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